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Southern Mortgage Group has years of experience in providing Mortgage Loans on Manufactured Housing.  We can finance qualified Manufactured homes under VA, FHA, USDA & Conventional Loan Options. 

Frequently Asked Questions…

QUESTIONS: Can you finance a Manufactured home that has been moved more than once?
ANSWER:  Your mortgage lender will verify that the Manufactured Home was placed by the Manufacture.  If the home is moved a second time, the home no longer qualifies for traditional financing. NOTE: ONLY VA Mortgage allows for financing on a replaced Manufactured Home.

QUESTIONS: What is the difference between Mobil and Manufactured Home?
ANSWER: HUD code enacted in 1976 set standards on Home Safety and Construction.  Southern Mortgage Group offers Mortgage Financing on Manufactured Homes built after 1976.

QUESTIONS: What modifications are needed on a Manufactured Home?
ANSWER: Borrowers seeking FHA financing on a Manufactured Homes will need to have the foundation modified to a “Retro-Fit / Tie down” to qualify for FHA financing.  An Engineers Certification will need to be competed and presented to the lender for collateral approval.

QUESTIONS: What other information should I know about a Manufactured Home?
ANSWER: A Manufactured Home is a dwelling that was constructed in a Factory.  The structure is then placed on spindles and wheels.  The structure is then sent to the DOT and issued a VIN number.  The VIN is replaced with HUD plates, which converts the property to REAL PROPERTY.  The HUD plates must be attached a visible to the appraiser to meet lenders guidelines (Two plates for double-wide).  Make sure that these plates visible and accessible before paying for an appraisal. 

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